Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New stuff!

They're beautiful, aren't they? Who doesn't love new crayons!?? My darling daughter and I had lunch together today and, afterwards, we walked over to the art store. I had heard all about water soluble crayons and seen them used, but never tried them myself. I had to get some!! Here's a background I was goofing around with, using my new crayons!! So cool, huh? (I am very excited.) I love them, to say the least.

Okay, on to more new stuff!

We have a new bedroom! Will (my sweet husband) and I have been re-doing our bedroom. We wanted this room to be special, and somewhere we loved being. It started with the wall color. Then the pastel painting: we bought it at an art studio tour in Abiqui, here in NM --- it was raining and muddy. This particular artist had her work displayed in a tent outside, with some of her art directly on the ground! I don't think she realized how talented she was, and that she should have been displaying her art respectfully and delicately. We had a difficult time even getting the art to the car, because it was raining so hard. When we got it home, we framed it immediately. Isn't the frame perfect?!! Anyway, we realized that it had to be part of the central theme. After we ordered the bed frame, I spotted the quilt and shams, and everything fell into place. We're still not finished, but here it is so far. I'm so happy. (By the way, only a real man can be okay with a doll on his bed!!)

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Tracy said...

COOL SIGHT MOM! I loved reading everything and looking at the pictures! You are so creative and talented! What a fun blog to check out! Keep up the good work.