Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally spring!

Well, after almost blowing everything to Timbuktu this past weekend (with chilly temps to boot), spring is back today in all its glory. The flowers are especially beautiful reminding us to not lose hope! This is a shrub near our home; I love the lavender flowers against the sage green leaves.

Since the weather wasn't too cooperative for outdoor things, I was able to work on several art projects. Two of them were small canvases ---5" x 5". I had fun with them, for sure. There sure is something about cutting and pasting that brings me great pleasure and makes me feel little all over again (but I guess that what art's all about, isn't it?). I call this first one 'Little Bear.'
Here's a close-up of how much fun I had with the detail!

This next one I call 'True.'

More close-up fun!

I love this next collage!! I call it 'Early Girl." It's not on a canvas; it was done on paper. I didn't plan this one out either; she just became.

I love her! The background page came from and OLD foreign dictionary I got at an estate sale. I don't even know what language it's in! But it makes her look a little foreign too, I suppose. And her arms and legs were cut from the postage part of the those annoying mail-in subscription cards that fall out every time you open a magazine (grrrrrrr). Who knew there could be a use for those pesky things?

Well, I'm off. Better catch up on some yard things while I can!

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PJ's talking... said...

Love your art! Great stuff.... PJ